Miriam Halahmy’s Award-Winning Poem Set to Music

About this piece, Miriam says:

Janusz Korczak, 1878 -1942, doctor, author and Director of the Orphanage, Warsaw Ghetto. In 1942 the Nazis marched all of the 200 orphans and staff to the station and deported them to Treblinka death camp where everyone perished. I visited the present day orphanage in 2004 on a visit through Poland and Lithuania with my synagogue. I wrote the poem on the coach to Treblinka. In 2011 Helen Bonney, author and composer, read the poem and decided to set it to music. It is performed by her son, Jack Cooke, a professional musician. The poem and the soundtrack are a tribute to Korczak and all of his staff and the children.

Listen to “A Message to the Children“.

1 thought on “Miriam Halahmy’s Award-Winning Poem Set to Music

  1. There was a wonderful film based on this… black and white, I think, and unforgettable, but I’ve forgotten its name. It showed a fantasy, at the end, of the train stopping, and the children running out into a field of grass and flowers… would that it had been so.

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