Norbert Hirschhorn’s Collection of Re-Imagined Yiddish Folk Song Poetry

To Sing Away the Darkest Days by Norbert Hirschhorn

Member Norbert Hirschhorn’s fourth collection of poetry, To Sing Away the Darkest Days, is the culmination of a five-year project which saw him source more than one thousand Yiddish songs. The songs helped Norbert to rediscover and trace his own Jewish cultural history. Some of the songs also spoke to him as a poet and begged for a new translation, or “re-imagining” as he calls it, into English poems. The resulting collection tells the story of the emigrant, the Jew in the Diaspora, while drawing on the poet’s own experience.

A book launch will be held on Tuesday 11 June, 7pm at Ivy House Jewish Cultural Centre in London.

Full details of the launch are here.

Congratulations, Norbert!