Anthology of Poetry in Translation Co-Edited by Member Ruth Ingram

Across FrontiersAcross Frontiers (Camden Mews Translators, 2013), containing poetry from French and German edited by member Ruth Ingram and Graham Mummery, is now available.

Other volumes by Ruth and the Camden Mews Translators include:

‘In Exile’, an anthology of poems by exiled Jewish writers, translated by Ruth Ingram and published by Highgate Poets Press.

‘Over the Water’, an anthology of French and German poets, translated by Camden Mews Translators and published by Hearing Eye.

Copies of all three books can be obtained by contacting Ruth at

No writer will ever be so closely read as by their translator. Translation is a deeply creative art of curiosity that looks to pay homage to the original by reinventing it in another language. The poet-translators assembled here have taken on a range of historical and modern poets, mostly German, from the eighteenth century Matthias Caudius, through Goethe, Heine, Trackl and Enzenberger but also Heredia and two major Surrealists Rene Char and Paul Eduard from the French. Across Frontiers, from the Camden Mews Translators, is a powerful, civilising and salutary collection.  -George Szirtes

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