Limited Availability: Translation Workshops With Ruth Ingram

Member Ruth Ingram convenes a group of poets and translators of poems from French and German. The group has been meeting for the last 10 years and has published an anthology of poetry translations, Over the Water (Hearing Eye, 2007). Another anthology is in preparation.

The group meets bi-monthly for a whole day in Central London. Members work on each others translations. There are at present 10 members. Two more could be accomodated translating from French (poet-translators from German would also be considered). There is no fee, but prospective members are asked to submit four translated poems of their choice for the group to consider. Email ruth.camdenmews at

Translation Workshops with Ruth Ingram

Member and acclaimed translator Ruth Ingram hosts translation workshops in her home. The next translation workshop is on Sunday, February the 26th from 10:30 to 16:30. Subsequent meetings are bi-monthly. The workshop is intended for those with either very good French or German. The group has published an anthology, Over the Water (Hearing Eye 2007). Anyone interested should send in four translations (with the original) and a covering letter to Ruth: ri015i3723 [at] blueyonder [dot] co [dot] uk. There is no fee to participate if accepted.